Turbo after-run coolant pump

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Mar 6 11:01:58 PST 2008

Mine finely disintegrated beyond repair, at 225K. The sonic welded  
two piece plastic impeller housing split open and the inlet nipple  
has been disintegrating and breaking off. So I replaced it, plug and  
play, with a used one from my ’02 A6 2.7T which had been replaced  
under warranty, another story.  This pump is a much improved design  
in that the pump halves are screwed together and sealed with an O- 
ring, thus repairable. It had failed only because of a misplaced O- 
ring during factory assembly, easily corrected. This A6 pump may be  
the replacement for our cars, I don’t know but, FYI it is Bosch # 0  
392 020 039, Audi # 078 965 561. 

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