door lock repair

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There is a how to here:

I had to do some low level rod bending to get clearance for everything but
it fitted fine

My understanding is that you need a new cam / bracket and new bare lock
cylinder. Then you need to take the lick tumblers and itty bitty teeny
weenie springs out of the old cylinder and fit them to the new one

I think that the new stamped cam / rod bracket only fits the new cylinder
and the old one, which was made of camembert, only fits the old lock

AFAIK the PNs for a 1990 are


893 837 287 C  (driver's side) 
893 837 288 C (passenger side)  

Cylinder (depends on key number according to the family album)
893 837 061 B (driver's side) 
893 837 062 B (passenger side)  
893 837 061 C (driver's side) 
893 837 062 C (passenger side)  

N 012 411 1 Lockring $ 0.70

Just for reference, what year and what door is this for?


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The bracket on the end of the door lock cylinder that holds the locking
rod on broke.  Upon replacement I am having difficulty getting it back
together. I looked at the bently and thought I was proceeding as
described if anyone remembers any tricks for this that would be
appreciated. I know you have to line up the tooth on the piece to the
specific spot on the white plastic thing, alarm sensor I believe.  The
bracket that the locking rod goes into is not going on to the cylinder
end to get the lock ring on.   I did this on my other avant but don't
remember much of it.  


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