Fuel filter replacement procedure?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Mar 16 15:01:49 PDT 2008

At 2:37 PM -0700 3/16/08, Avenger wrote:
>Thats about what I was thinking Brett.
>I've got some free time this afternoon so I'm going ahead and taking the
>time to replace the filter.
>One last question, however. Am I correct in the assumption that after I
>replace the filter, all I need to do to re-pressurize the system is turn
>the ignition to the "on" position (not start) and let sit for a minute
>or so?

No, you'll need to crank the engine---not merely turn ign. to "on".

>  Guess I'll find out one way or the other here in about an hour.
>(After I figure out how to get the cover off the fuse box.

Unlatch, lift up cover, slide cover sideways (to right?) to detach from hinge.



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