Fuel filter replacement procedure?

Avenger avenger0017 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 16 16:43:56 PDT 2008

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> No- turning the ignition to the on position will not run the fuel pump 
> on the 200q20v.  This isn't necessary, regardless.
I noticed. :|
> The factory manual cautions to pre-fill the filter to avoid tearing 
> it.  Also, new crush washers (available at any Audi/VW dealer, 
> probably most auto parts stores as well) are a must.
Heres to hoping my filter hasn't been torn then, because I surely didn't 
pre-fill it. Also, I ordered my filter from sjm autotechnik and it came 
with the washers taped to the bottom. (Well, the silver ones. The copper 
ones I reused.)

Anyway, thanks for all the help, it easy to replace and also seems to 
have alleviated some of my throttle-lag issues as well. Gonna go give 
her a spin around the neighborhood to be sure.


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