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Mon Mar 17 10:43:48 PDT 2008

I have been searching in archives on O2 sensor and 2341 code. There are
several messages on the topic, this one seems pretty close so here we

Driving very conservatively for the last several months it only now came
to my attention that I do not have a full power.  Only 1.4 at 3000 rpm
indicated with 2.5 bar sensor. It used to be 1.8 - 1.9.

First I disconnected wastegate frequency valve and got 1.1 which seems
to be normal for the stock wastegate spring. The check engine light is
not on but I connected my jumper wire and it blinked 2341 oxygen sensor
to me. There are no other negative signals from the car whatsoever. I
have probably been driving like this for a long time. The sensor is
about 4.5 years 35k miles old. Intercooler clamps and michelin man hose
have been replaced with the sensor. Spark plugs have been replaced 3
months ago - the change cut the idle HC emissions big time. Cap, rotor,
wires have only 2 years on them.

Should I just get the new O2 sensor since it seems kind of old (and I
did have an oil consumption initially before I changed valve stem seals)
or should I try to investigate some more by looking at memory blocks
and/or actual sensor voltage?

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 13:19 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> At 8:58 AM -0700 8/18/04, Derek Pulvino wrote:
> >...and lastly, has anybody else seen an oxygen sensor code thrown on 
> >their cars?  According to the cheat sheet from SJM, the code 
> >indicates wiring, sensor, or heating element problems (I think it 
> >was 2322, so not exceedandce code).
> >
> >I'm guessing the oxygen sensor is about due for replacement (about 
> >3-years old), just wasn't aware that the Mototronic was set up to 
> >know/sense when the sensor is not working right.
> If it doesn't get enough signal from the o2 sensor, then it has 
> failed(rare) or there is a wiring problem.  If the heater doesn't 
> work, that will cause the sensor to not work or take too long to 
> start working, thus Scott's/the Bentley's suggestions.
> They last 50-60k miles, rarely outside that; oil and whatnot clogs 
> them up, and they become so slow to respond they're useless.
> Brett

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