Fuel(?) problem

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Thu Mar 20 03:52:28 PDT 2008

Steve Rissler wrote:
> My 200q20v has a problem in warm/hot weather... starts up and runs fine, but
> once it has warmed up, when I turn off the car for a short time and restart
> a short time later (1 hr or so), it will not maintain idle and stalls.  It
> will restart, but stall again unless I can keep the accelerator pedal
> pressed slightly.  

The V8s have a common problem where some of the sensors die from
heat and old age. One of the symptoms is that, when the CPS gets
hot, it stops sensing and the car won't start. When it cools off,
the car start just fine.

Not the same symptoms as yours, but I'd pull the diagnostic
codes to see if they provide a clue.

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