Help with valuation

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Thu Mar 20 12:12:54 PDT 2008

I'm still fighting with the insurance company over my accident last Nov. The 
car is a definate total. The insurance co is using 2 recent sales of cars 
that are totally stock with an average sales price of about $3600. I'm 
arguing with them that as mine had Euro headlights, Eibach/Bilstein. 
upgraded stereo, and a Hoppen chip, it should be worth more. Not to mention 
the new heater core/blower motor, PS pump, brakes, window motor/regulator, 
and 54.6 miles on new snow tires, etc.

If anyone has sold a 200q20v in the last several months and wouldn't mind 
sharing the details on the vehicle as well as the price it sold for, please 
contact me off list @ mikemilr at What I am trying to do is to 
counter their arguement that the upgrades add no actual value to the car.


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