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Thanks for the idea Pete - however Montana doesn't have any sales tax ;-)  I 
will go after the value of the license tags though as they has been renewed 
4 days earlier. But that's only $60. Heck, there is that much in gas in the 
gas tank!


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One small thing that might help is that your insurance company is required 
to give you the sales tax amount added to what ever price you agree on with 
the adjuster.  Reason being is that you are loosing the tax not paid on a 
trade in to a dealer.  Just went through that two weeks ago when my 78 year 
old mother totaled a 2002 Volvo S70 AWD wagon.  I would bring in car 
listings that are for sale as proof or remove you lights and other options 
and sell them separate if they are still good.  Are cars are so old it is 
getting hard to get much for them any more.

Good Luck
91 Avant

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