re. low fuel warning adjustment

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Mar 27 12:20:50 PDT 2008

I have the same problem.  Happened when I swapped in an instrument cluster to resolve
issues with another I.C.  Now it is a different set of issues  - poor fuel mileage noted
on computer(didn’t happen with one I swapped out) and tank empty warn on half full.
Probably just a different ground problem with the I.C.  The other one had problem with
indicator warn lights going dim particularly during high humidity.

If you find something more specific let us know.  I must have three different I.C.s for
2C20V with different problems needing to be fixed.


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Hey 200q20v'ers,

Long time no post, but I get the digest so I keep an eye on the topics.  I have a
hopefully quick and easy question for y'all.

My trip computer starts giving me a low fuel warning way early, like at a half a tank or
so.  The fuel gauge seems to be reading fine.  Where can I adjust the trip computer so
it doesn't give me the low fuel warning until I'm actually low on fuel?  Is that
something I need to access on the back of the instrument cluster?



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