New to List - 1991 Quattro to Sell

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Fri Mar 28 08:33:02 PDT 2008

There is no place that would be more appropriate. This list is the
perfect place to get empathy and support for you vehicle and the
domain has a Marketplace where you can post it for sale with all the

Welcome to the club in many ways, not the least of which is having to
answer the same sort of stupid questions.  I have a V8 (a couple
actually) and I have been asked more than once (even at the dealer)
"Is that an A8 or an A6?".  Idiots.

It's quite possible you might even be able to avoid selling your car
with the help of the list.  Even if you're not a do-it-yourself type,
Chicago is a far more hospital (and appropriate) environment for your
91 200q (all of which were Quattro AND Turbo).  You will be able to
find much more competent and plentiful places to service your car if
the decision to sell is not set in stone.

Check out the Audifans Marketplace which is free and does not require
any add'l membership of any kind.  That would be the best place to
post your car for sale to this forum.

In the meantime, maybe give us a crack at what's wrong with it and see
if there might be some less painful fixes that could be suggested.


On 3/28/08, Jeffrey <audi_seller at> wrote:
> Greetings, all.
> I just signed-up on this list and haven't even received any mailings yet.
> Normally I would sit back and lurk for a while to see what people are
> talking about, and find out the general tone of the list.
> But my wife is ready to sell our 1991 Pearl White Q200 Turbo 20V 5-speed
> to a friend of the family, and I just found this list, so maybe somebody
> here can appreciate the car. Otherwise, it will be taken by some kid
> and run mercilessly into the ground.
> I have loved driving it for years, but my love for the car does not
> compensate for the normal maintenance. I have had difficulty
> getting service because apparently there were only 400 of them
> made. When I go to get it serviced, I am asked whether it is a
> Quattro or a Turbo. I tell them it is a 200 Turbo Quattro, and they
> look at me funny.
> Maybe people on this list understand.
> It is both.
> I moved to Chicago last July, and it has been sitting in our
> garage in Phoenix, Arizona, since then.
> Of course, anyone would want to know mileage, condition,
> maintenance performed, VIN, etc., but before I do so, is this list
> an appropriate place to see if anyone is interested?
> (The original Bose rear speakers have not been replaced.)
> Thanks for the opportunity.
> -- Jeffrey

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