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You are in the right place, and, as Ed said, talk to us about it's issues.  
Undoubtedly someone can help you repair it or find an appropriate place to get  
it repaired. 
Of particular note, those rear speakers are a bit of a fire hazard, so  
either have the recall done or disconnect'd be a shame to smoke 'er.  
Read about it and other 200q20v stuff here...
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Greetings, all. 

I just signed-up on this list and haven't even  received any mailings yet. 
Normally I would sit back and lurk for a while  to see what people are 
talking about, and find out the general tone of the  list. 

But my wife is ready to sell our 1991 Pearl White Q200 Turbo 20V  5-speed 
to a friend of the family, and I just found this list, so maybe  somebody 
here can appreciate the car. Otherwise, it will be taken by some  kid 
and run mercilessly into the ground. 

I have loved driving it  for years, but my love for the car does not 
compensate for the normal  maintenance. I have had difficulty 
getting service because apparently  there were only 400 of them 
made. When I go to get it serviced, I am asked  whether it is a 
Quattro or a Turbo. I tell them it is a 200 Turbo Quattro,  and they 
look at me funny. 

Maybe people on this list understand.  

It is both. 

I moved to Chicago last July, and it has been  sitting in our 
garage in Phoenix, Arizona, since then. 

Of course,  anyone would want to know mileage, condition, 
maintenance performed, VIN,  etc., but before I do so, is this list 
an appropriate place to see if  anyone is interested? 

(The original Bose rear speakers have not been  replaced.)

Thanks for the opportunity. 

-- Jeffrey  

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