V8 Exhaust on a 2C20V

Ben Swann benswann at verizon.net
Fri Mar 28 13:21:27 PDT 2008

OK, The answer is – Everything fit from the cat back, but the tailpipes were different.
They needed to be cut, shortened and refit.


I looked in ETKA and there were a few different versions of the exhaust, and so I
presume variations on the theme.  The main difference was the tailpipe for the V8 which
were shifted about 4” to the left over the 200.


The center muffler was a bit beefier than what was taken off.




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If you have the 200q20v hitch that lets the standard dual-outlet rear muffler fit
properly, the V8 system should go on ok.  I have the two V8 mufflers on one of my
200q20vs.  I do have the rear connector joints too, though, so maybe there was some pipe

Ben Swann <benswann at verizon.net> wrote: 

Anyone installed a Type 44 V8 exhaust system on a ’91 200 Q 20V?

I have a brand new system that I’d like to put on mine if there is no fitment problem.
I do have a Dalaan hitch if that make any difference.



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