Stranded Near Fresno

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Sat Mar 29 19:34:32 PDT 2008

Thanks Mike,

Tow's on its way.  Traveling without tools, it's a new to him car. So he's going to a flaps.

Thanks again..

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Might be way wrong - but I'd have him check for a split boost hose.  Was he getting into the boost for a while?  If I'm right and if he has a roll of duct tape that could get him home.

If the hose blew off entirely it wouldn't idle.  That makes me think it's split.

If he disconnects the MAF I believe it will continue to run, but not very well.


On Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 10:00 PM, Paul DAnneo <padanneo at> wrote:

Hello All,

Got a fellow lister stuck on I5 near Fresno CA. No exact location yet.

He was clipping along +- 80mph, the shut down...Car will idle, but no boost. Put into gear and release clutch and shut down. Now the battery's dead after just a few starts.. All hoses seem to be intact. All seems normal in the engine compartment..?

Pulled over at a truck rest stop, Saturday evening, so not much roadside help.

This is all I know just now.

Anyone with ideas?

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