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Sat May 3 18:42:29 PDT 2008

I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't have thought they 
shared.  Thinking of the V8, would you want to share ATF with the center diff?

At 08:57 PM 5/3/2008, Rbade12 at wrote:
>I've had an annoying leak from the seal around the drive flange [or output
>shaft], very slow, drips on exhaust and smells bad, rarely any on 
>the ground. I
>  ordered one from SJM and today I took the drain plug off at the bottom of
>the  Torsen housing. The fluid that drained did not look like the 
>Redline  MTL I
>had filled the tranny with some 10k ago. It looked OE, yellowish, with  many
>miles on it [I got about a 1 1/2 qts from it]. So, my questions; Do the
>Torsen and tranny share fluid or is the Torsen separate of the tranny gears
>[Bentley isn't concrete about this, except for "tranny and final 
>drive share a
>housing"]. If they do share why isn't the newer MTL in that 
>Torsen  housing [ I
>didn't pull the plug I pulled today when I drained the tranny  fluid 
>10k ago, so
>did this fluid just stay there, seperated by a "wall" and  the newer fluid
>replaced the tranny side only]. I've got the Torsen and gear  cover 
>off the car
>and looking in the vacated housing, I can't tell if there  is a passage
>between the tranny and Torsen. Looking for some way to fill 
>the  Torsen, I see a
>plug, but it'd be tough to get at and tougher to get fluid  into.
>So, I'm leaning hard towards they share fluid, but I'd really appreciate  any
>help clearing this up!!
>Bob 91 200q20v with exhaust, driveshaft, Torsen, oil cooler removed. BTW,
>the Torsen is really an amazing little piece to see in the  flesh!
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