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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat May 3 19:43:56 PDT 2008

Slow rotary shaft seal leaks are best solved with the addition of a  
little “snake oil”!  DFWAB! (Don’t fix what ain’t broke!)

MTs share the same flluid throughout. Good for life, don’t F’ with  
it. And don’t tolerate leaks! 225K and no leaks.


On May 3, 2008, at 5:57 PM, Rbade12 at wrote:
> I've had an annoying leak from the seal around the drive flange [or  
> output
> shaft], very slow, drips on exhaust and smells bad, rarely any on  
> the ground. I
>  ordered one from SJM and today I took the drain plug off at the  
> bottom of
> the  Torsen housing. The fluid that drained did not look like the  
> Redline  MTL I
> had filled the tranny with some 10k ago. It looked OE, yellowish,  
> with  many
> miles on it [I got about a 1 1/2 qts from it]. So, my questions; Do  
> the
> Torsen and tranny share fluid or is the Torsen separate of the  
> tranny gears
> [Bentley isn't concrete about this, except for "tranny and final  
> drive share a
> housing"]. If they do share why isn't the newer MTL in that Torsen   
> housing [ I
> didn't pull the plug I pulled today when I drained the tranny   
> fluid 10k ago, so
> did this fluid just stay there, seperated by a "wall" and  the  
> newer fluid
> replaced the tranny side only]. I've got the Torsen and gear  cover  
> off the car
> and looking in the vacated housing, I can't tell if there  is a  
> passage
> between the tranny and Torsen. Looking for some way to fill the   
> Torsen, I see a
> plug, but it'd be tough to get at and tougher to get fluid  into.
> So, I'm leaning hard towards they share fluid, but I'd really  
> appreciate  any
> help clearing this up!!
> Bob 91 200q20v with exhaust, driveshaft, Torsen, oil cooler  
> removed. BTW,
> the Torsen is really an amazing little piece to see in the  flesh!
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