low boost + high idle

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue May 6 13:44:31 PDT 2008

Yeah as much as I like their strength I do not like how they don't have a
ridge to hold the clamps in place - something pretty critical for not-quite
factory setups (and maybe factory stuff, too).
Of course a sucky thing is even the OE Mich Man hose is like $130 now -

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I personally don't like the samco hoses, I have issues with them sealing and
staying sealed, they have been causing boost leaks...they are very slippery
and you need a good hose clamp....my samcos have no collars for retaining
the place for the hose clamps....if you get oil on one you will see how
difficult they are...they are also not very flexible.....i do like the color
though...nice shade of blue

David Schaible
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Would I be safe in ordering the Samco TCS147 hose kit?
I also wanted to order a few feet of vacuum hose and try to replace all the
old ones.

I never played with that before, any tricks for you experts?



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