Back up a minute!

Adam Gratz adamgratz at
Thu May 8 11:26:29 PDT 2008

*Ok crew, it's PUZZLE TIME!*

A free bus ticket to Hawaii for the first one with the correct answer:


No reverse lights
No trip computer or diagnostic computer life (flat lined)


*Fuses intact
Ignition switch not holding position, but operational
Reverse switch on transmission operational
Bulbs have continuity
12v at reverse light bulb harnesses bilaterally with transmission in
reverse, no reading in neutral
Continuity at ground at reverse light bulb harnesses bilaterally, reverse
and neutral

Instrument cluster removed and *all* solder joints re-soldered
Ignition switch replaced


No changes, save ignition switch now holding position


How can 12v and ground show at the bulb harnesses, but not light the bulbs?

What is the link to the pictorial  procedure  "ground jumper fix for the
instrument cluster", and why didn't the tech know about this issue?



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