Water Temp Gauge

michael mdearing at mhtc.net
Thu May 8 17:55:01 PDT 2008

I just replaced my 4 wire MFTS with a three wire and I have no temp  
gauge reading.  The 4th wire which is missing from the 3-wire version  
had voltage from the battery.  Without this prong, the voltage must  
come from the instrument cluster in the 3 prong MFTS.  My instrument  
cluster is flaky, even after umpteen ground solderings, so no temp  
gauge is not surprising.  I'm dumping the 3-wire MFTS and replacing  
with a junk yard 4-wire.  All of them look like they've had a coolant  
leak on them for years.

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> I had an on and off "no reading" form my temp gauge for a long time,
> and was able to test the sensor once when the gauge was working. The
> problem is with the gauge/instrument cluster, not the sensor. This is
> an instrument cluster circuit board that has been happy for more than
> 60,000 miles since the typical solder breaks were jumpered. Does
> anyone know whether this is likely to be circuit board and solder
> problem, or is there probably something wrong with the gauge that I
> can fix? Any BTDT, especially ones with photos?? I would like to know
> the probables before I take the cluster out.
> Thanks,
> Dan Wing

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