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Mon May 12 05:13:14 PDT 2008

A week or so ago I asked if the Torsen and tranny shared fluid, Bentley is  
vague about it and answers I got just didn't convince me. Everything pointed  
toward fluid sharing, yet with my gear cover off and the Torsen unit itself  
removed from the car I wasn't going to risk allowing it to turn without  
certainty of fluid presence once fired up.
With the front end off the ground, gear cover removed, I pulled the fill  
plug and started filling the tranny with Redline MTL [my fluid of choice]. It  
took a bit longer than I expected [long enough that I started to think about how 
 to fill the Torsen and what type of fluid to use], but, eventually new fluid 
did  start to drip then run [and change color to the MTL red] from the Torsen 
So, I can, with absolute certainty, confirm that the tranny and Torsen do  
share fluid.
Worthy of note..the condition of the fluid in the Torsen housing was such  
that it led me to believe the Torsen was independent of the tranny [older,  
dirty, yellowish, not at all like the Redline MTL in my tranny]. I did not  remove 
the Torsen drain plug when I replaced my tranny fluid some time ago. It  is 
higher then the tranny drain plug and I thought it would drain ok. Well,  there 
must be a low "wall" of sorts between the tranny and Torsen as it didn't  
drain as I expected. So, if you want a complete, i.e. Torsen housing also,  
remove the Torsen drain plug also.
Bob      91 200q20v

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