Bearing, seal pressing tips please.

Rbade12 at Rbade12 at
Mon May 12 07:03:40 PDT 2008

I'm going to press a new bearing and seal in the gear cover that is on the  
Torsen housing. The steel cage that holds the ball bearings in place within the 
 bearing failed. I have a press [12 ton] and I've made an appropriate jig to  
press the bearing, seal and drive flange in. I've searched the www  and found 
some about pressing bearings [one site encourages freezing the  bearing prior 
to pressing]. I'm wondering if any of you have tips you've  gathered about 
pressing stuff. Should I pack the open side of the seal with  grease? Should I 
oil or grease the outside of the bearing/seal prior to  pressing? Any tips 
would be appreciated!
Thanks, Bob

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