Instrument Cluster Resolder

Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri May 23 12:31:17 PDT 2008

Can't have too many clamps (old woodworker's adage) or too many DIY 
postings for '91 200q procedures. Today, one of our listers requested 
specific info pertaining to the solution I used to cure my "bouncing 
speedometer" problem. I sent him a couple of annotated  JPEGS, which 
I have also added to my previously posted web listing for images on 
this topic. The new image files are called "photo_1_solder_fix.jpg" 
and "photo_2_reassembled_IC.jpg" and can be found here:

>Here are a couple of jpegs with comments describing what worked for 
>me. I had _two_ issues (1) the IC lighting effects and 2) also a 
>bouncing speedo), and I hoped that a single fix (the jumper) would 
>cure both. Not for me.
>I did the jumper wire and that cured the issue with dim 
>illumination, (bi)directional turn signal arrows and erroneous 
>hi-beam indicator, but the bouncing speedo needle persisted until I 
>noticed that there was a problem getting the ground fed to one of 
>the little pins coming through the circuit board near where the 
>ground-trace break occurs. This was an almost invisible break in the 
>solder joint at the base of the connector --the side connected to 
>the ground trace. I just touched this up with my low-wattage 
>soldering iron and the bouncing speed was cured. Two years and still 
>works fine.

Phil Rose


Phil Rose
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