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Pictures "saved as". Thanks for posting those up Phil. I've been stashing 
bits and pieces of info on this since that site that had everything went belly-up.
Haven't had to do mine yet as one light tap on the dash lasts me about 6 
months when the speedo starts bouncing. Will be nice to have that info when the 
time comes though.
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Can't have too many clamps (old woodworker's adage) or too many DIY 
postings for '91 200q procedures. Today, one of our listers requested 
specific info pertaining to the solution I used to cure my "bouncing 
speedometer" problem. I sent him a couple of annotated  JPEGS, which 
I have also added to my previously posted web listing for images on 
this topic. The new image files are called "photo_1_solder_fix.jpg" 
and "photo_2_reassembled_IC.jpg" and can be found here:

>Here are a couple of jpegs with comments describing what worked for 
>me. I had _two_ issues (1) the IC lighting effects and 2) also a 
>bouncing speedo), and I hoped that a single fix (the jumper) would 
>cure both. Not for me.
>I did the jumper wire and that cured the issue with dim 
>illumination, (bi)directional turn signal arrows and erroneous 
>hi-beam indicator, but the bouncing speedo needle persisted until I 
>noticed that there was a problem getting the ground fed to one of 
>the little pins coming through the circuit board near where the 
>ground-trace break occurs. This was an almost invisible break in the 
>solder joint at the base of the connector --the side connected to 
>the ground trace. I just touched this up with my low-wattage 
>soldering iron and the bouncing speed was cured. Two years and still 
>works fine.

Phil Rose


Phil Rose
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