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I am surprized almost everybody is dead locked onto closed and expesive BIRA designs. BIRA lists no useful description besides "european S8 323x30" which (thanks to audifans lists) turned out to be available from any local and online sources audi part 4D0 615 301 J.
Racing community have been usind Wilwood for many years. I picked up a pair of forged billet superlights, took measurements, made brackets on CNC, ordered brake lines. Took about two weeks for all, mostly waiting for orders to show up.


The car has just been in two in a row NHMS Saturday's HPDS events.

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On a similar note, and probably a question that's been asked before, are the
993 and 996 calipers interchangeable wrt holes and application with RS2 brackets. Been reading BIRA webpage and their systems are all 996 based.


86 S6

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Peter:  Not the DIY but these should help (from the AudiWorld UrS FAQ page):

Part numbers including hoses:


Methods to defeat the Autocheck pad wear sensors:


Bolt torque specs:


Stainless steel brake lines and flushing:

http://s-cars.org/postnuke/downloads/pdf/Audi%20UrS4%20Stainless%20Steel%20B rake%20Flex%20Line%20Installation.pdf

Dave F. 
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