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Weather seals (dust boots) don't like heavy track use. The nice bronse paint on STI Brembo becomes black. The dust boots desintegrate. Makes little or no sense to use expensive Brembos on the track.

Agree - they look very nice on the car. 

Swapping trak brake setup back to stock G60 for winter takes two bolts and one end (caliper side) of the brake line...

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No one is locked into BIRA. In fact, BIRA has become a virtual non-entity of late.  Filling in the
 gaps are 034 with its OE RS2 brackets and Apikol which has a number of options including a 
bracket that centers 993tt calipers over 323 x 30 A8/S8 rotors:


or direct clones of the RS2 brackets (doesn't quite center the caliper on the Audi rotors)


Personally, I don't like the Wilwoods because of their lack of weather and grime seals. But that is just an opinion/preference.

Dave F.
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