where to get metal crankcase vent hose?

George sidman at webloq.com
Thu Nov 6 10:20:25 PST 2008

I just went through the crankcase breather hose exercise. At 310,000 miles
my '91 20v needed a new hose; its forth since I bought the car new in 1990.
Insofar as I don't drive this car that much - I sure enjoy it when I do - I
decided to make sure this was the last time I replace this hose.

So, I fabricated a copper pipe leading from the block to an el that
connected to a new modified hose behind the block.  What rots is only the
immediate section from the block to where it turns to go behind the block.
It took a combination of various sizes of standard plumbing fittings, that
fit well together, and some basic soldering. Then I just had to paint it
red.  A short piece of radiator hose connects it to the block.  It's been
installed for about six months - runs great.........

Pictures at:

George Sidman

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