Serious overheating!

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Mon Nov 17 19:30:36 PST 2008

Regarding the clutch thing, I had something similar on the 200 10v.

First it was pulsating , then squealing as the release bearing seized (it
was smooth though) then a pulsating coupled with squealing and low pitch
grumbling and occasional "small automatic weapons fire" sounds as the
bearing finally disintegrated. Of course by the time the bearing squeals
it's started milling the pressure plate springs

Bite the bullet and buy a clutch kit, safe in the knowledge that it would be
hard for it to be more f%cked.

Seriously, it sounds exactly like the early to mid stages of my release
bearing failure and it seems to be a false economy to pull the gearbox off
and not do the whole clutch and rear crank seal while you are at it. You
could keep driving for a bit to wait until it's truly dead. IMHO by the time
the bearing is squealing, it's already too late. It's a bit like the oil
pressure light in an air cooled beetle coming on, which means "add more
engine" rather than "add more oil" so you might as well keep going until it

If the turbo coolant hose caught fire/melted, the question might indeed be
more "why did the manifold get so hot" rather than the whole engine.

Just my $0.02


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Haven't posted in a long time, but maybe you 200 gurus can give me some
suggestions. Here are the symptoms.  My car is a 91 200 turbo quattro avant,
205,000 miles. Engine is in great shape and uses no oil. The clutch started
a pulsating pedal when pushing in or releasing. Quite sure it needs a new
release bearing. Went for a short drive the other day, maybe 10 miles. Half
way into the ride, the pulsating smoothed out but a squealing replaced it
when pushing/releasing. A couple miles later the car lost most of it's
power, maybe could go 25 mph. No warning alerts. No more than a quarter mile
later something in the coolant system lets go, spraying coolant on the
windshield. Pulled over, turned off and car goes up in steam. The next day I
take a look under the hood. The exhaust manifold got so hot, that the turbo
bypass hose had caught on fire. 
    So far, the only thing I have checked is the compression and all five
are in spec...whew!  Car won't start, it has no spark. So, why would the car
get so hot so quickly? And what advice on what to check next in my trouble
shooting sequence. 
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