IA3+ issues

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 13:48:11 PST 2008

hi all,

i'm borrowing the IA3+ from ian. he's experienced the same thing with his car.

sometime you stomp on it and you get thrown through the back window (i.e. fast!). other times you jump on the gas and it doesn't give you that kick in the ass. still fast but no "pay-off" when you hit 4,000 rpm which is typical of the IA3+.

on both our cars - engine pulls smoothly to redline. no studdering, smooth idle. no check engine light.

my car - samco boost hoses, 034 billet bypass, new 02 sensors. i do have a torn breather hose (just got an 034 silicone one to replace it - would that make any difference?). ALSO, we noticed that one of the 02 sensor's was not plugged in (the passenger side one). the connector was just dangling. who knows - maybe the car was running super lean before and that's why it felt faster?

we'd like to check the boost, but booth out gauges are non-operational. i did buy another IC - but haven't gotten around to the swap yet.

anybody else experience this?



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