IA3+ issues

Ed Kellock ekellock at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:07:12 PST 2008

I experience sometimes with my stock ECU.  If I really lay into it I'll see
1.8 pretty regularly but when I shift, boost is limited to 1.1-1.3 or so
until something sorts itself out.  

I've noticed my IAT sensor has an extra set of wires running outside of the
sheath off to somewhere.  Haven't tracked that down yet.


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> hi all,
> i'm borrowing the IA3+ from ian. he's experienced the same 
> thing with his car.
> sometime you stomp on it and you get thrown through the back 
> window (i.e. fast!). other times you jump on the gas and it 
> doesn't give you that kick in the ass. still fast but no 
> "pay-off" when you hit 4,000 rpm which is typical of the IA3+.
> on both our cars - engine pulls smoothly to redline. no 
> studdering, smooth idle. no check engine light.
> my car - samco boost hoses, 034 billet bypass, new 02 
> sensors. i do have a torn breather hose (just got an 034 
> silicone one to replace it - would that make any 
> difference?). ALSO, we noticed that one of the 02 sensor's 
> was not plugged in (the passenger side one). the connector 
> was just dangling. who knows - maybe the car was running 
> super lean before and that's why it felt faster?
> we'd like to check the boost, but booth out gauges are 
> non-operational. i did buy another IC - but haven't gotten 
> around to the swap yet.
> anybody else experience this?
> Robby
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