IA3+ issues

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 09:41:14 PST 2008

well, i suppose i could actually look at my bentley manuals ;-)

it was definitely the 02 sensor that was unplugged on the passenger side.

oh yeah,  when the "kick in the ass" stopped delivering - i did reset the computer by pulling the two fuses with the "motorwerke" cap on them. it brought the boost back.

i tried this after plugging the 02 back in. no difference. don't get me wrong - the car still hauls - just in a different way. when i first used ian's IA3+, the car would build boost, but once you hit 4k, it was just a violent kick in the pants. the car just bolted.

now, it's much more linear - so maybe i'm just getting fooled. makes me wonder if the car was running super lean without the 02 plugged in.

the funny thing is that it passed smog with it unplugged. 

anyway, the sure fire way is to get a working boost gauge and stop speculating. i know we've had dsicussions about guages here (VDO vision seems to be the winner) - wondering however if a boost controller would fit where the coin holder is.

do any of those things also do air/fuel or exahust gas temp readings? might be a good idea to make sure there's no detonation.

lastly, i know the stock digital one is not that accurate but it's better than nothing. and it seems that it takes into account ambient pressure (so 1.8 bar is really .8 bar) - is there a way to make it ignore ambient so the IA3+ won't peg it to 2 bar all the time?

my understanding is that the IA3+ is really about 22 lbs. of boost (1.5 bar). they get the "3" part by including atmostphereic pressure and you have to have the RS2 mod to get to 3 bar. it's 2.5 bar on a stock engine. again, that's what i gathered - but i can't find any concrete info. i mean the IA3+ sure as hell isn't 3 bar. that's 44.1 lbs. that would send the pistons through the hood. LOL!

see ya,

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Knock sensors? MFTS? Temp sender for after run pump? Oil pressure sender?
Hard to tell what is unplugged by your description - just trying to think of
things on the drivers side...

Can you be more specific - feel free to send me a pic.


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thanks austin. still learning here. the bosch thing on the passenger side on
the manifold is the 02, correct? what the larger bosch thing (looks like a
big 02 sensor) on the driver's side? 

anyway - the passenger side sensor was unplugged.


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Robby, 200 20v's only have one 02 sensor. Not sure what connector was
unplugged? Your torn breather could be a boost leak.


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hi all,

i'm borrowing the IA3+ from ian. he's experienced the same thing with

sometime you stomp on it and you get thrown through the back window (i.e.
fast!). other times you jump on the gas and it doesn't give you that kick
the ass. still fast but no "pay-off" when you hit 4,000 rpm which is
of the IA3+.

on both our cars - engine pulls smoothly to redline. no studdering, smooth
idle. no check engine light.

my car - samco boost hoses, 034 billet bypass, new 02 sensors. i do have a
torn breather hose (just got an 034 silicone one to replace it - would that
make any difference?). ALSO, we noticed that one of the 02 sensor's was not
plugged in (the passenger side one). the connector was just dangling. who
knows - maybe the car was running super lean before and that's why it felt

we'd like to check the boost, but booth out gauges are non-operational. i
did buy another IC - but haven't gotten around to the swap yet.

anybody else experience this?


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