Winter Tire Recommendations

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It depends on how serious you want to be.....for me, if I am having two
sets of tires I want them to be hi functionality.....i used to run
graspics but now I run green diamonds ....they are a great compromise
b/w running studded and not.....basically a studded graspic is better
for half to one season then the studs get worn down some and then the
green diamonds are better and stay better till the tread is gone....most
folks on this list like blizzaks which I found to be a great all around
winter tire specially for dry handling, but they are not sufficient for
severe winter use.......for daily driver stuff with a few storms they're
pretty good.

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what is your recommendation for a Winter snow/ice tire?
I'd accept an all season but I've found these to be not so good at  
real snow/ice.

I've used the Blizzaks before but they feel heavy.

I've noticed that Dunlop has a Graspic DS-2.  Anyone have experience  
with Dunlops recently?

The Michelin X-ice looked good but it's been discontinued.

- Michael

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