Bose with aftermarket head unit, using factory amps?

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Wed Nov 19 21:14:04 PST 2008

So I took my recently purchased stone grey 200q20v to the dealer for the
Bose recall.  They did the recall but didn't diagnose the small engine oil
leak that they said they would look at, so they gave me an A3 2.0t loaner to
drive while they see what's leaking for a quote (why not).  I hadn't driven
one before (or any Audis of the past 10 years or so, except for a ALMS TT
once).  The A3 is pretty peppy!  Sporty too.

Anyone interested in some brand new Bose speakers in case I convert to a
regular setup?  The head unit apparently has some preset buttons that are
stuck down and they said they couldn't enter the security code that was
activated when I bought the car with a dead battery.  If I can't fix that or
put in another free one, I'll put in an aftermarket head unit which I don't
think I can use with the amplified Bose speakers (right?).

I thought I would give the stock Bose system a try since I haven't had a
working setup before, and I think the station frequency display in the
instrument cluster (which I have to pull to repair an apparent ground
problem, btw) is pretty cool.  My last 200q20v got totalled before I could
respond to the Bose recall postcard, so I never found out what that's like
(since it had aftermarket speakers in it when I got it).



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