Stongard source?

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Ok, so nothing better yesterday after work but to do than a drive-by look-see for Stongard's office/shop.
Short answer, not there, the industrial park space is occupied by a mechanical contractor now.
Would suggest moving on, and find a supplier/retailer for the 3M product, whether they make pattern kits or not is up to you.
The Euro headlight covers are close to 20mm+/- thick, and the body kits pieces are less than 5mm thick (for comparison purposes here only), maybe 2-3mm(?).  

For installation, maybe a good window tinting installing technician would be a possibility, if not a DIY.  Just a thought...
Hope this helps, Gary A...

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> I Googled Stongard, and found a phone number, and since it's a local call
> for me, I called and got a "disconnected" phone number. Sooo, I'd think they
> are out of the business...?  
> I can drive by their old office location if anyone is interested, as I will
> be in that area of town tomorrow anyway.  If I do, will post a note...
> Yes, the headlight covers are much thicker, and the US DOT covers are not
> the right size, and have the two obnoxious holes at the bottom.  Had the DOT
> covers for a while, and had a rock hit crack a lense when the rock hit an
> unprotected edge.
> With the Stongard Google search, there were some hits for other suppliers of
> the 3M product Stongard used.  I also recall from conversations in their
> office, they had someone else cutting the "kits", and took a while to my
> correct Euro headlight covers delivered.
> Hope this helps...  Gary A...
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> I believe the stuff to do the headlights, like the precut Stongard I have on
> my other eurolights, is much thicker than the stuff they use for hoods.
> I'll check it out though.  Thanks for the heads ups.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth
> On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:55 PM, <PeterBergin at> wrote:
> >  You guys can probably buy the material for $15 at an automotive trim
> > shop.  I bought enough to do my hood 8 years ago for $25.  The hood and
> > fender fronts took less than an hour to do.  I think the lights would be a
> > lot less.
> >
> > Pete, 91 Avant
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