Stongard source?

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Fri Nov 21 09:26:39 PST 2008

I trimmed-to-fit and installed my own covers for my 200q from 3M film
rectangles of approximately the right size that my local Audi dealer was
able to order for me, this was 10+ years ago when I first got the ecode
lights. Stock wattage bulbs, relayed, no cracks. There is a little edge
discoloration of the film but no glass damage - then again I don't drive it
much, there are only one or two windshield dings in the past 8 years since
that was new. I think you mean 20 "mils" or thousandths of an inch, 20
millimeters is over 3/4" and I don't think they are quite that thick. I
would say maybe 2-3 millimeters for the headlight film. My other car
w/ecodes (88 GTI) has pre-cut-for-DOT-nipples 3M film but also no glass
damage after 10+ years, also stock wattage relayed. Windshield is quite a
bit more beat up on the GTI.

> Ok, so nothing better yesterday after work but to do than a
> drive-by look-see for Stongard's office/shop.
> Short answer, not there, the industrial park space is occupied by
> a mechanical contractor now.
> Would suggest moving on, and find a supplier/retailer for the 3M
> product, whether they make pattern kits or not is up to you.
> The Euro headlight covers are close to 20mm+/- thick, and the
> body kits pieces are less than 5mm thick (for comparison purposes
> here only), maybe 2-3mm(?).
> For installation, maybe a good window tinting installing
> technician would be a possibility, if not a DIY.  Just a thought...
> Hope this helps, Gary A...
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> > I Googled Stongard, and found a phone number, and since it's a
> local call
> > for me, I called and got a "disconnected" phone number. Sooo,
> I'd think they
> > are out of the business...?
> > I can drive by their old office location if anyone is
> interested, as I will
> > be in that area of town tomorrow anyway.  If I do, will post a note...
> >
> > Yes, the headlight covers are much thicker, and the US DOT
> covers are not
> > the right size, and have the two obnoxious holes at the bottom.
>  Had the DOT
> > covers for a while, and had a rock hit crack a lense when the
> rock hit an
> > unprotected edge.
> > With the Stongard Google search, there were some hits for other
> suppliers of
> > the 3M product Stongard used.  I also recall from conversations in their
> > office, they had someone else cutting the "kits", and took a while to my
> > correct Euro headlight covers delivered.
> > Hope this helps...  Gary A...
> >
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> > I believe the stuff to do the headlights, like the precut
> Stongard I have on
> > my other eurolights, is much thicker than the stuff they use for hoods.
> > I'll check it out though.  Thanks for the heads ups.
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Kenneth
> > On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 9:55 PM, <PeterBergin at> wrote:
> >
> > >  You guys can probably buy the material for $15 at an automotive trim
> > > shop.  I bought enough to do my hood 8 years ago for $25.
> The hood and
> > > fender fronts took less than an hour to do.  I think the
> lights would be a
> > > lot less.
> > >
> > > Pete, 91 Avant
> >

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