My Audi 200 stalled

Adam drunken__polak at
Sat Nov 22 14:42:08 PST 2008

So I got that molstly resolved, it turns outr ineeded a new battery. Now Ive installed the battery, everytime i hook it up, all of the cars accesories turn on ( winshiwield wipers, climate control ) and the keys are nowhere near the ingnition. Theres no way to turn everything off unless the battery is unplugged... The car doesnt start at all now....Might it have something to do with the starter?

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Hi ,I Just bought a 1990 Audi 200 Turbo (auto) for 800$, took her for atest 
drive and she was purring like a kitten, she was in mint condition in and out so 
i decided to buy it. After driving it for a little while, no more than half an 
hour, as i approached astop , it lost power and just dies on me. I started it 
back up after a minute or two and it fired up after a little bit of struggling. 
The I drove it around for another 5-10 minutes and again she just died. At that 
point i decided to call a friend in  need of a boost , he came and we triend 
boosting it but it wasnt starting at all, in fact the car seemed to have even 
less life than at first.the person i bought it from had the cars for only a few 
months in the summer and didnt really drive it or know what was wrong with it 
because he never got it checked.Also an important detailis its-20*C ouside where 
im from, so it might have something ot do with it, i dont know much about cars, 
so not sure.... what are some of the first steps i should take if im not ready 
to drop all my money foolishly.... so any help would be greatThanks,             
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