BOSE sounds

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Sat Nov 22 15:17:17 PST 2008


I was able to swap in a different factory head unit, this one refurbished,
and it didn't ask me for a security code.  The rear speakers that were just
replaced under the recall campaign sound really good, but the front ones,
especially the driver's side, sound like something is wrong.  There was a
screeching sound and a lot of crackly static noise like a blown speaker or
loose connection, but the screeching has seemingly gone away.  Also, it was
making this really loud *BEEP* noise when I would hit scan or select or set
a preset.   That crazy beeping has stopped, so I don't know if some
questionable circuit has warmed up and maybe a ground path has been

I wonder if there is something in the front door speakers that I can
resolder or replace that isn't covered by the recall campaign.  I'm actually
somewhat impressed by the fidelity of the factory rear speakers, so I'm
wondering if I can get the whole setup up to par how it would sound.

Does anyone know if the recall only applies to rear speakers, and if so, is
there something I can do to correct a problem with the fronts?



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