BOSE sounds

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Sat Nov 22 18:08:35 PST 2008

 I found this page mentioning replacing the caps for the front amp.  I want
to take the hobbiest/cheapskate approach on this, because for the cost of
having a professional fix the front amps, I would probably rather do a
rewire and put aftermarket stuff in as usual.

I haven't bought new first hand car audio in a long time.  I remember all
the good brands of the 80s and 90s like a/d/s that seemingly were all
purchased by Directed Electronics.  I would assume the quality has suffered
since the purchase.  Certainly the differentiation is less.  The car alarm
industry today is pretty funny, like three or more brands all offering the
same alarm with a different looking remote.



> robert weinberg <centaurus3200 at>
> honestly, if you can get the stock bose system running cheap, then try it.
> but the bose system, much like bose home speakers - well, they suck IMHO.
> lots 100hz boom and 400hz "warmth" to make you think those underpowered
> cheap speakers are more impressive than they really are.
> bose always used lots of active equalization to milk every last ounce of
> frequency response out of mediocre drivers.
> i'm on the eye out for period a/d/s components to run with a new blaupunkt
> deck. problem is that the old a/d/s car audio stuff is fairly collectible as
> everyone with an 1980's porsche has the same idea.
> see ya,
> Robby
> --- On Sat, 11/22/08, Kenneth Keith <auditude at> wrote:

> I heard it was a bad run of capacitors that went back in the recalled
> amplifiers.  If that's the case, for the $80/ea cost to have a place repair
> the front ones, I'd be tempted to try a repair on my own by replacing the
> faulty components.  Has anyone done that?
> How do you like the factory system, and do you just play cassettes or do
> you
> have something more modern that you've integrated for an input?  I was
> thinking about getting an old fashioned cassette adapter, or maybe wired FM
> modulator with a couple of antenna adapters, to allow me to play MP3s via
> the factory head unit.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth

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