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Kenneth Keith auditude at
Sun Nov 23 12:46:40 PST 2008

Ok, so the new fuel filter is in.  I check for spark and have spark.  So I
tried to start it again and it starts and I have a check engine light.  I
pull codes and get 4444.  I turn it off and restart fine, and I notice that
the fuel pump actually doesn't make a noise until it's cranking, but the
clicking I heard before, which must not be the FP relay after all.

Hmm.  I guess it's off for a hopefully 1.8bar test drive, AAA Plus card and
cell phone in hand (and my FP relay jumper and another FP relay).


On Sun, Nov 23, 2008 at 1:17 PM, Kenneth Keith <auditude at> wrote:

> Update:  Still not starting.  I tried jumping the FP relay and the pump
> does buzz like it used to, however doing that and cranking doesn't start
> it.  I also checked the distributor and it still spins and while it's a
> little sloppy it doesn't appear the gear is broken.  I'm in the process of
> changing the fuel filter, and then I'll try maybe swapping in some different
> flywheel timing sensors.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth

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