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?It is a bit puzzling that the pieces of the puzzle don't add up, the check engine light and the fuel filter. Hopefully it's one of those, "well it's working, not going to think about it" deals! Let us know how behaves on the test run.

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Ok, so the new fuel filter is in.  I check for spark and have spark.  So I
tried to start it again and it starts and I have a check engine light.  I
pull codes and get 4444.  I turn it off and restart fine, and I notice that
the fuel pump actually doesn't make a noise until it's cranking, but the
clicking I heard before, which must not be the FP relay after all.

Hmm.  I guess it's off for a hopefully 1.8bar test drive, AAA Plus card and
cell phone in hand (and my FP relay jumper and another FP relay).


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> Update:  Still not starting.  I tried jumping the FP relay and the pump
> does buzz like it used to, however doing that and cranking doesn't start
> it.  I also checked the distributor and it still spins and while it's a
> little sloppy it doesn't appear the gear is broken.  I'm in the process of
> changing the fuel filter, and then I'll try maybe swapping in some different
> flywheel timing sensors.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth
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