instrument cluster fun and more with the 200!

robert weinberg centaurus3200 at
Sun Nov 23 20:07:51 PST 2008

hung out with Shayne today. bought a donor dash from force5 and  swapped the white panel with the circuitry for the autocheck, boost, trip, etc. on to my dash. the "main street electrical parade  lights" now all work!

of course it's a blessing in disguise - the thing won't shut up. ha! the sensor for the pads must be disconnected and it's bitching that the coolant temp sensor is bad. might be - it's slightly weeping.

as to the current "where's my IA3+ kick in the ass saga". we learned a little more. at least on the gauge, it's not pulling past 1.4 bar. but it's BS as the car is still building boost. not surprising since we went to install the 034 silicon breather hose and found that the rest of the hose run all the way to the egr has basically disintegrated. could a massive vacuum leak cause my problems? 

anyway, I'm going to drop the car off to 034 after thanksgiving. have them replace the crankcase breather BS, install their 034 tranny mounts, look and fix boost and vacuum leaks and just give the car a once over.

that's all for now.

see ya,


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