airbag light delay

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Tue Nov 25 07:30:29 PST 2008

Some of these vintage cars were involved in an airbag  related recall.  Our 
'91  went in and it took over a week,  the dealer first claimed the 
replacement part was for a different car.  I suspect they couldn't figure 
out why the light stayed on so long,  didn't do it before, but it does now. 
I have never tried to get VAGCOM  diagnosis.

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> 200q20v'ers,
> I pass my emissions re-test with flying colors this evening.  HC 16 (220
> permitted), CO 0.15 (1.20 permitted).  Nice.  I'm sure it was old fuel the
> first time, but I have new O2 sensor now as well as plugs and no/fewer
> vacuum leaks.
> Anyway, new topic.  When I start my car the airbag light stays on for a 
> few
> minutes or longer while I drive.  It eventually goes out.  Is this just an
> old system taking a while to "charge up" or warm up, or is there something
> wrong I can diagnose.  I have other airbag wheels I can swap in, and I may
> just do that since I have a gray one I can put in to match the interior
> better.  I believe it may be a V8 one, if that makes a difference.
> A buddy of mine had an '89 200tq and the airbag light was perpetually on. 
> I
> assumed it was the clock spring until one day he plugged in a disconnected
> connector under the back seat, which made the light go out.  I wonder if
> there's anything like that going on with my car.
> Cheers,
> Kenneth
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