airbag light delay

Phil Rose pjrose at
Tue Nov 25 07:35:17 PST 2008

At 9:38 PM -0700 11/24/08, Ed Kellock wrote:
>Airbag light on for more than a few seconds means it has stored a code, but
>not one that will prevent the bag from firing.

While the stored code will not prevent the airbag from firing after 
the light turns off, it's supposedly a fact that the airbag becomes 
non-functioning during the time that the light is on.  So if that 
light is staying on for a couple of minutes (was the case in my car) 
then you do lose airbag usability during that period.

>Should be able to read and reset with vag-com or similar readers.

Yes, the vag-com reset is a quick fix--certainly easier than 
replacing the airbag and/or steering wheel! But be aware that the 
issue can possibly return at some time after doing the vag-com 
procedure. My car's PO had paperwork showing the dealer reset the 
airbag code to eliminate the issue, but by the time I bought the car 
the light was staying on for about 2 minutes. After enduring that 
situation for a few years, using the vag-com solved finally fixed it 
for me (again).

I'm not sure what caused the return of the problem, although I once 
thought that it might have involved disconnecting the battery. I've 
now decided the car battery is probably not involved --since my car's 
battery was disconnected numerous times during the past couple of 
years (i.e., after doing  the vag-com "fix") and my airbag light 
"issue" has _not_ returned.


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