Removing 3B Wiring Harness

Austin Calise yoda_audi at
Thu Nov 27 18:50:21 PST 2008

Kevin, a few things 1 the heater/blower box needs to be removed as the harness runs right under it. 2 Pulling the drivers knee bolster is necessary. 3 the gas pedal needs to be unbolted as the harness runs behind it. 4 center console and side bolsters need come out. 5 The dash pad and instrument cluster need to come out. 6 The steering rack needs to be unbolted to give access to fishing all the wiring out of the fire wall. Be prepared for sticky fingers as that red tape they put on the harness is well sticky! Plenty of zip ties need cutting. Take your time and don't cut any wires!!!!!!! There is a connector for the trip CPU stalk that needs taking apart to be able to fish it out with a yellow plug. Any other Q's just ask I did this recently.

  HTH's Austin


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