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Sat Nov 29 09:52:47 PST 2008

To one and all -


Eventually a longer, more detailed email will follow on the subjects of the IA3+ ECU mod, temperature related boost variations, the possible value of these cars, Thanksgiving, Swedes and Audis.  However, my immediate (but not urgent) need is for a source of Audi part 034133649C - otherwise known as an S2 Air Intake Pipe Connector for the 3B, RR, ABY and ADU engines.


The local Audi dealer says they can get one in about a week or two from Texas for the tidy sum of $64+, which seemed a little steep to me.  I have located an online source from for about $23 not including the VAT calculation (which is supposed to be dropped if sending outside of the U.K) and whatever overseas shipping might be.  However, I am hesitant to order from overseas if there is a good stateside supplier.  Anyone have experience with


I have already checked a number of the common U.S. suppliers such as SJM,,, etc., that all seem to be linked to the WorldPac distribution network, but I have not had success in finding it or perhaps I haven't conducted the appropriate search within those web sites.  I also have not yet requester a quote from SJM.


Any information will be most helpful.




            - Steve

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