DV broken and wheel fitment Q

chris gregg loxxrider at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 8 07:12:23 PDT 2008

Well, everything is going well with my plans for the audi.

I now have a spare short block, a tial 44mm waiting to go on at some point, a nice downpipe and wastegate dump setup getting fabbed up for it soon, standalone management is almost done, clutch in line from southbend rated to hold 950 ft*lbs, etc...lol Its craziness to most on here I'm sure, but I am a crazy mofo :)

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure the stock DV went to sh**t yesterday. I will test it when I get home. I have a stock 710N to swap it out with. Basically when I get on it, the car will hold about half of the boost it should, and I can hear a leaking sound. Then when I let off, it doesn't make the usual blowoff noise. Like i said above, its not that big of a deal. I just thought put it out there. 

The real question here deals with wheel fitment. I have the option of getting some BBS RS's for the car. I have a few choices as fas as size is concerned. I have posted this a few other places and have gotten a few responses, but I thought I'd ask here also. Wheels are 5x114.3, but that is not a problem with use of wobble bolts. I will be using spacers to acheive correct offset. So far the best option seems to be the 17x8.5 ET 39's.

Here is the full list of possibilities though

17x8.5+39 5x114.3
17x9+42 114.3
17x8+43 17x9+53 5x114.3
17x8+43 17x9+40 5x114.3
17x8+35 5x114.3
17x8+43 5x114.3

I'd really love to run the 9's. I dont care too much if these have wide tires or a wide contact patch, as they are not the wheels and tires I intend to use for performance driving. Those will be my stockers with some nice tires. I'd also really love to run a staggered LOOK, but stay with the same size tire all the way around. I know nothing about wheel fitment and tires though, so school me if you want ;)

TIA for any help!

-Chris Gregg


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