Fwd: Radio popping resolved-Now a slow leak inside the car when A/C runs

kneale at knitknacks.com kneale at knitknacks.com
Sun Oct 12 17:02:58 PDT 2008

It's your A/C evaporator box drains plugged.  There's a small tube that
drops down on the passenger side of the area next to the transmission
where the evaporator box drains.  Run something somewhat stiff like some
weedwhacker cord or the core from an old speedometer up into the top of
the tube.  You can't get all the way into the evap box because there are
some plastic elbows in the tubing just outside the box.  If you remove the
air temp sensor (under trapezoidal cover with wires attached on the top of
the evaporator box) you can get to some of the coils and also pour in some
water to see if the drain has been unplugged by the reaming.  While you're
at it, this is a good time to also clean the main drain for the HVAC well
the evap box sits in.  It's between the heater core box and the evaporator
box down near the front of the well, close to the firewall.  It's a short
rubber tube with a formed flat end at the outlet where water can drain but
other things can't get back in.  I use a piece of wood dowel to push down
into the drain gently and make sure there are no leaves/pine
needles/acorns plugging it.

>>     I noticed that when the a/c is running on max/high fan (in the
>> summer), the carpet along the right-hand sidewall, front/driver's
>> side would get wet.  Obviously something is leaking; the car had
>> this problem years ago but I forgot what caused it, other than
>> something was blocked.  I'm bringing the Audi in for a regular
>> service on Monday and I'd like the tech to take care of the leak so
>> I'm not reminded about this problem when the weather turns hot
>> again, next year.  The mechanic is not an Audi specialist, but he's
>> good and honest and if I can steer him in the right direction, he
>> spends less time on the job.  Again appreciate the help.

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