Fwd: Radio popping resolved-Now a slow leak inside the car when A/C runs

kneale at knitknacks.com kneale at knitknacks.com
Sun Oct 12 19:00:38 PDT 2008

If you get water into the driver footwell, I'd think it probably is coming
out of the heater core box.  Don't know how fluid would accumulate there. 
I'm not familiar with the S-Car HVAC well.  Is there an air filter in that

> I have the same problem and I know the cowl area itself needs to drain and
> can clog up with leaves and pine needles.  Mine's clear.  The evaporator
> itself also drains to the same area just above the steering rack on the
> passenger side.  Mine is clear. I pulled a plug at the top of the
> evaporator
> and poured a quart of water in it and it all pours right out near the
> rack.
> But when I wear sandals on a hot day with a/c on, every time I turn right
> my
> foot gets soaked.  What am I missing
> Whoops wrong list,  thought we were talking C4 S4s here.  This is the
> 200q20v list.  The evaporator probably drains the same way in both cars.
> I
> think they pretty much work the same so I'll let the question stand.

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