Starter lock out?

Rbade12 rbade12 at
Sat Oct 25 07:05:56 PDT 2008

I get no click from the solenoid upon turning the key. Ignition switch is new, starter is known working, battery is newer, solenoid wire is good, ground is good.

Audiworld and SJM mention an antitheft relay, #8 and removing it and jumping 36 to 38. I have no #8 relay and it is jumpered and it appears a factory jump. The cover of the fuse box labels it as "starter lock-out AT" , which I'd persume to mean Auto Tranny, so I'd wager none of our cars have this relay.

Is there another version of starter lock-out on the 20v? I see no mention in Bentley or any other resource available.

Thanks,  Bob    91 200q20v

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