Starter lock out?

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Oct 25 07:42:23 PDT 2008

Did this problem materialize because /when you replaced the ign.  
switch? If you had looked at the circuit diagram, Bentley 537, you  
would see that the anti theft relay interrupts the starter current.  
Could be a problem in that system. TROUBLE SHOOT!


On Oct 25, 2008, at 7:05 AM, Rbade12 wrote:

> I get no click from the solenoid upon turning the key. Ignition  
> switch is new, starter is known working, battery is newer, solenoid  
> wire is good, ground is good.
> Audiworld and SJM mention an antitheft relay, #8 and removing it  
> and jumping 36 to 38. I have no #8 relay and it is jumpered and it  
> appears a factory jump. The cover of the fuse box labels it as  
> "starter lock-out AT" , which I'd persume to mean Auto Tranny, so  
> I'd wager none of our cars have this relay.
> Is there another version of starter lock-out on the 20v? I see no  
> mention in Bentley or any other resource available.
> Thanks,  Bob    91 200q20v
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