Starter lock out?

kneale at kneale at
Sat Oct 25 09:27:40 PDT 2008

Starter should crank even if you have no fuel pump relay.  BTDT.

Did you check/clean the engine grounds on the side of the engine above the
cruise control bulb?  The starter grounds through its interface with the
block flange, but the grounds to the engine are the pathway back.  Also
important is the battery ground site.

Is there another ground somewhere on the back of the engine too?

> No, I had a comparable issue several months ago and I replaced the ign.
> switch as a repair of that problem. The switch was cracked and I have had
> no issues since. I saw that diagram. 36-38 is jumpered and that circuit
> goes to the ign. switch. If the device that stops current to the starter,
> relay #8, is not present and that circuit is jumpered, where do I go next?
> Circuit b moves over to 538 and stops with a half circle  and the number
> 53. Does that mean the fuel pump really is somehow connected to this
> system? Seems to me, if I'm reading this right, the starter should turn
> over without b and 53 being involved.

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