Starter lock out?

Rbade12 rbade12 at
Sat Oct 25 12:58:12 PDT 2008

I'm sure all grounds are good. I've ohm'ed the wire from 36 at the relay location to it's end at the solenoid and it's fine. The 38 location, coming from the ignition switch is also fine, per dc voltage readings. So,the path from ign. switch to solenoid is good....which leaves the solenoid itself as the culprit, right?..seems too easy, but, I'll pull it tomorrow and bench test it.

Thanks for your help!


In a message dated 10/25/08 11:28:01 Central Daylight Time, kneale at writes:
Starter should crank even if you have no fuel pump relay.  BTDT. 

Did you check/clean the engine grounds on the side of the engine above the 
cruise control bulb?  The starter grounds through its interface with the 
block flange, but the grounds to the engine are the pathway back.  Also 
important is the battery ground site. 

Is there another ground somewhere on the back of the engine too? 

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